Thursday, August 26, 2010

What have the original power rangers been up to?

So David Yost... The blue ranger on the original american version of the power rangers talked to TMZ, either that or more likely of TMZ they just found out... Billy the blue Power Ranger is gay!

He left the show apparently because of people treating him as less then equal for being gay, not the cast he starred with, but the producers and editors and other people who will remain nameless for the rest of their lives, and die without ever having achieved fame. At least Yost did that.

This TMZ thing had me looking into what a few of the other rangers have been up to. So lets check this shit out!
  1. First and foremost, because this is the sad story, and I want it out of the way the original Yellow Ranger (Thuy Trang) Passed away at the age of 27 in 2001, this I already knew about, and was sad to hear of. All you need to know is that it was a car accident. And that shit is pretty sad.

    Lets move on to a happier topic! TOMMY!!! the Green/White/ several other colors because he's been in so many parts of the greater series ranger! More or less also Known as Jason David Frank....

    Yup! That's pretty damn sweet! His debut fight he won, its the only fight in the big league he's got, I wanna watch it, and see if he busts out sabba and cuts a mutha fucker! Turns out he is a 6th degree black belt, so maybe fucking with him isn't the smartest thing to do. He also owns and runs a martial arts school

    Okay!  Lets see, Walter Jones (the Black Ranger) did alot of voice work for the power ranger series, after he left the show, did some movies, was in season 4 of Buffy apparently, but had a DUI recently Which was thrown out as of  4/21/2010. Amy Jo Johnson (the Pink Ranger) Is on the show FlashPoint now... Go her.

    Austin St. John (the Red Ranger) is now an author...Cool?

    Well that's about it, The voice of Alpha 5 is still doing cartoons, (alpha-5 was also the voice of invader zim... so cheer up.)

    and I don't care about zordon because he died to save the universe... Also alot of people played him.... Shut up! This was about the rangers only!!!

    Hope you liked a look into the world that you left long ago friends! The rangers are still out doing there thang!


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