Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A regular normal blog post.

 Happy Thanksgiving (eve) Biggest bar night of the year my friends! I hope you are all safe tonight, safe in the more or less "condom" "birth control" kinda way. Also maybe don't drive drunk.

This little image next to you is alas referencing something in real life.

I've never watched Buffy.... Deal with it.

Also they are apparently planning on doing a new Buffy without Joss Whedon. A movie reboot of Buffy could be entertaining, but I've been trying to catch back up on this Joss Whedon fellow, and I'm quite delighted to find anything he touches turns to gold.

What's your thoughts on this world? Should Mr. Whedon have his say in what made Buffy the Vampire more than just a movie featuring pee wee herman? BUT ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS EVER?! (Apparently... I've never seen it remember?)

IN OTHER NEUS! I want you all to hear this cat Unicorn Kid. His beats are ill, and all that other rap lingo.

New Kanye West Album is out, I give it a 3.5 out of 5. The songs I liked on it I really liked, the songs that I didn't really care for still had enough charm to keep them on my iPod for a few more weeks. Good Job Kanye, I finally forgive you for... Oh wait, I didn't care about anything you've ever done except your music... Well good job on the music.

No Comedy Minutes this week because its thanksgiving and I wanna wait out the whole N. Korea V. S. Korea thing before I make any comment on it, but lets at least say that world war 3 isn't on its way, so stop over reacting.

Finally I will tell you all What I am thankful of this year, its not much:  The few of you who read this, having (fairly) good health, and having some realization that there is hope for me to escape this hole of a state michigan.

But mostly I'm thankful to you few who read this, spread the word and let our numbers grow!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!

(Also if you've been neglecting, you can go hear teh pod-bert rob-cast by going into the links on the side.)

Also also, christmas is coming up, so check out my cafepress too :D

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and don't get too stupid tonight ya'll Be safe.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


This week the Scott Pilgrim movie came out on DVD, why didn't you buy it? ALSO!

Donkey Kong Country Returns!


Also I'm not getting black ops.

I am getting Fable 3 and Rock Band 3. Reviews when I play them.



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

EPISODE ... 8? I wanna say 8. W3ird Sci3nc3!


I had fun making this one, So I hope you enjoy listening to it. Tell all yo friends mutha fucka.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweet jesus! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?

I've been slacking my friends, I admit it, I am not proud of it, (I'm a little proud of it)

Quick recap of what I've been up to: Almost broke my finger, been writing ALOT, Planned a trip that got postponed by big promises, working on a christmas song or two, New audio tomorrow because I've got one recorded already. but for now we must be paitent. I'm working towards making this work, which... sounded... redundant >.>  .... <.< .... >.> *dance*

At least you can say you were here when this shit got real.

IN THE MEAN TIME! Enthrall yourself with me being on MAD WORLD RADIO! HERE'S THE LINK!!!!