Monday, August 30, 2010

Its Monday, I'm hungover.... Yeah. (Comedians today!)


Jessica Delfino is hilarious. So there ya go.

Comedy Held Hostage Quickie (Literally the title of the video lol,) Featuring
Jarred Kreger, Susan Coletti, and Chillian Thomas

Still working on the comic, playing the scott pilgrim game in between that and sleeping and drinking.

Putting off drinking for awhile, so I can actually work on things that aren't a dead end job.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

What have the original power rangers been up to?

So David Yost... The blue ranger on the original american version of the power rangers talked to TMZ, either that or more likely of TMZ they just found out... Billy the blue Power Ranger is gay!

He left the show apparently because of people treating him as less then equal for being gay, not the cast he starred with, but the producers and editors and other people who will remain nameless for the rest of their lives, and die without ever having achieved fame. At least Yost did that.

This TMZ thing had me looking into what a few of the other rangers have been up to. So lets check this shit out!
  1. First and foremost, because this is the sad story, and I want it out of the way the original Yellow Ranger (Thuy Trang) Passed away at the age of 27 in 2001, this I already knew about, and was sad to hear of. All you need to know is that it was a car accident. And that shit is pretty sad.

    Lets move on to a happier topic! TOMMY!!! the Green/White/ several other colors because he's been in so many parts of the greater series ranger! More or less also Known as Jason David Frank....

    Yup! That's pretty damn sweet! His debut fight he won, its the only fight in the big league he's got, I wanna watch it, and see if he busts out sabba and cuts a mutha fucker! Turns out he is a 6th degree black belt, so maybe fucking with him isn't the smartest thing to do. He also owns and runs a martial arts school

    Okay!  Lets see, Walter Jones (the Black Ranger) did alot of voice work for the power ranger series, after he left the show, did some movies, was in season 4 of Buffy apparently, but had a DUI recently Which was thrown out as of  4/21/2010. Amy Jo Johnson (the Pink Ranger) Is on the show FlashPoint now... Go her.

    Austin St. John (the Red Ranger) is now an author...Cool?

    Well that's about it, The voice of Alpha 5 is still doing cartoons, (alpha-5 was also the voice of invader zim... so cheer up.)

    and I don't care about zordon because he died to save the universe... Also alot of people played him.... Shut up! This was about the rangers only!!!

    Hope you liked a look into the world that you left long ago friends! The rangers are still out doing there thang!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey hey hey!

What's up gang? Not much going on here today (at least at this point there isn't)

So instead of thinking up something unique and fun I've decided to put a family guy episode up!

(yes it IS one of the star wars ones.)

Something, Something, Something, Darkside!

Oh I kid! There are a few other things I wanna share.

Here's something interesting! A webcomic called Questionable Content! Its very funny, and addicting to read.

Questionable Content

Lets not even forget to mention The Adventures of Dr. McNinja! The tale of an irish ninja doctor, with a gorilla, a little mexican boy with a mustache, and a raptor named yoshi... Yes... Yoshi.

and asl long as I'm sharing nerdy content... Remember Newgrounds? That's still there.... Doing its "thang"

Well I'm off to work on a plot for a fight scene.

I'll post random crap later

Don't forget to check out Rob's Odd Shoppe

Enjoy this odd drawing of lady gaga I made.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Okay, I've been drawing for what feels like days (four hours) and my hand is totally burned out right now, I'm really pushing alot into this... I wanna make this comic thing work, but I doubt that I'm gonna be able to draw it


Meanwhile It appears that everyone around town is starting to get super grumpy, as for why I don't know. Maybe its like when a human touches a baby bird, and the momma bird won't take it back, They smell texas on me, and don't want me here no more... What fail.

Also I've been kicking it pretty retro lately, playing alot of Virtual NES!

It's boss.

Dunno, just wanted to update real quick for no real reason.



Nerd Gear I want.

Check this shit! its called the Bliptronic 5000!

Sweet damn it looks cool, its an 8-bit synthesizer!

and yes... Though I'm not the best at making music, I do want it hardcore. This would be awesome to make some nerd rap and stuff with.

Its at for $49.99 if you wanna pick it up yourself. I think I'm gonna have to pick it up myself.

Next up on this list is also from (surprise) ITS A SHIRT THAT HAS A FLIPPIN GUITAR IN IT!

The Electrionic Rock Guitar Shirt is kinda like a Paper Jamz but AS A SHIRT!!!! I checked it on youtube, the thing plays well, and sounds good, so if you can play guitar, but seriously hate lugging the damn thing around with you pick it up for $29.99

Well That's all I really found that interested me as of right now, I'll post more nerd shit later or tomorrow.


The Walking Dead TV series Trailer!

Nerd gasm.


I made that ya'll! I dunno why I'm sharing, but maybe its because I'm self centered, (and its my blog)

CHECK IT! I spent 3 hours last night writing a plot outline for a comic, I'm not sure if I can make this thing via drawing but I'm totally gonna work on the script, I'm a nerd, and have been working on little comics and stuff since 2003, so expect nerd humour of the scott pilgrim vein.

Anywho! (I said humoUr?) I finally watched scott pilgrim! and I LOVED it. Every second of it was nerd heaven!!!!!! If you like nerdy things, then go for it! Make that magic happen, spend $8
dollars or whatever. I will just suggest that it is an awesome movie, and spoil nothing.... Take me at my word douche.

Ironicly one of my friends (who is a nerd) Saw naught but the trailer, and thinks the whole thing looks retarded...

Okay, enough comic book talk, lets get political! Apparently american people are starting to dislike their choice in Obama! Now what the frak is up with that? I remember alot of such talk about change, and being all supportive of him, and free health care, and the young people ALL VOTING!

So its kinda fudged up yo... Two reasons.

1. Dude, really... He's got 4 years, it hasn't been more than one yet... Why not give him some time? Stop expecting Obama to work wonder instantly. Believe it or not, alot of the stuff he promised takes alot of time to make it happen, meanwhile there are alot of, and I mean A LOT of escalating problems going on with the whole Iraq/Afghanistan war, and now Iran is trying to get into the mix... Give him a little slack.

2. Most of the people that I know that are complaining about him... VOTED FOR HIM!!!!! WTFUCK?! You lost your right to complain about the man, the instant you voted for him.

Hell most people only voted for him simply because they saw another old white republican, and then they panicked, then saw the young black (muslim?) man promising a shiny new economy and stuff of magic and wonder!!! Maybe you should have looked at the man a little more carefully.


Keeping in time with alot of the kids who voted for obama, and are now unhappy, the same people all firmly believe the world is going to end in 2012.

I don't know what to believe, but I do know that most people younger than me seem to not care about doing anything in there life simply because they think that the world is about to end so what's the point?

I have a point.... What if it doesn't? What if it doesn't end? Remember Y2K? Remember 1997 with the hale bop comet sucicide cult heaven's gate? People thought the end of the world was coming then too.

I'm just saying, maybe lets not put all our eggs in one end of the world basket, maybe lets try to get the GPA up, and head to college, and chase after our goals, and dreams.

Why would you not wanna chase your dreams and goals? Why just say "what's the point? The world is just gonna end anyway!" Get as much of what you want done before its too late then!!!!

Ugh. Very ranty today. Sorry ya'll.

The game


Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm so old republic, that my cane is a lightsaber... What?

First and foremost! STAR WARS!!!! (uncut)

Its totally awesome, and most nerds know about it already but its still fun to watch. For those of you that are less aware, its basically the entire star wars movie stiched together by fan made clips of it. Its pretty boss, groovy, and additional exclaimations of excitement.

Keeping in the star wars theme STAR WARS!!!!! The Force Unleashed 2 Mutha F^&@*!!!
Personally I'm not happy about this plot wise, but the gamer in me is all less than three on good star wars games.

Here's my problem sith heads. *SPOILER ALERT* If you can just clone a powerful ass jedi like starkiller, then WHY I ask you NAY! I DEMAND OF YOU! Did the Emperor feel the need to save young Anakin from death by retardation?

Did you see how many sith died in the prequels? Not to mention that Asaj Ventress just abandoned the whole deal.
Was it all just to get Anakin? Who he could clone as it turns out? WTFuck? Anyway I just suppose that he's probably not a clone, and blah blah blah.

This whole "Forced Unleashed" nonsense is no where near the first gaping hole of plot in star wars. *Cough Ahsoka Tano Cough*

So many fun things to mock star wars with that I can't even begin to end! But I totally will.

What can ya do?

Hope you enjoyed the star wars theme (Wait, aren't almost all my audio ones titled with a star wars reference?) Check out Wookiepedia for all your star wars info needs!

I'm hungry... Whatev's.

Check the Cafepress!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Lets start off with a favorite quote (two actually)

“Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live” - Charles Bukowski

"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery--isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is."
— Charles Bukowski

I know that last one is long, but get ready and get set fuckers, because that basically sums up how I feel.

I feel alot like Bukowski had a window in my mind, even though he was alive for far longer than I have been even born. I really need to go back and read those novels... They actually might be the inspiration for who I am in general.

I miss Texas. I feel like I completely have nothing now that I've returned home, and I see that I'm rediscovering parts of myself that I forgot were there. My artsy side mostly, I've been working on music writing, drawing, making several new jokes, and sketches, among countless other things I've been up to.

At first I came back from texas and was kinda excited to see people that missed me, (all of which I haven't seen at all) and I'm actually glad that I haven't seen hardly anyone since I got back. It gives me the ability to work on things I want to work on, and even better I am off meds, yet feeling completely fine. As to why, to put it simple. I've given up on celexa because I just feel like I'm drowning when on them, or like I'm not completely checked in mentally while on them.

Like I'm here, but like my mind is running a different signal dig what I'm laying? (The color is a metaphor douche)

I notice so much more lately, subtle beauty in things you don't normally see, or maybe you do, but I just noticed.

Who knows?

MY Point! Things are going good, even though I initally felt as though everyone only wanted me back here just so I could continue to suffer with them.

The Lesson You Should Learn: Do what's best for yourself first always.

You know the deal.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rock Band 3 song list?

This is possibly the list of Rock band 3 songs! I found this while trolling the internet and discovering the site

Check it!
1. Amy Winehouse--"Rehab"
2. Anthrax--"Caught In A Mosh"
3. At the Drive-In--"One Armed Scissor"
4. Avenged Sevenfold--"Beast and the Harlot"
5. B-52′s--Rock Lobster"
6. Big Country--"In a Big Country"
7. Blondie--"Heart of Glass"
8. Blood, Sweat, & Tears--"Spinning Wheel"
9. Bob Marley & The Wailers--"Get Up, Stand Up"
10. Chicago--"25 or 6 to 4"
11. David Bowie--"Space Oddity"
12. Deep Purple--"Smoke on the Water"
13. Def Leppard--"Foolin’"
14. Devo--"Whip It"
15. Dio--"Rainbow in the Dark"
16. Dire Straits--"Walk of Life"
17. Dover--"King George"
18. Echo and the Bunnymen--"Killing Moon"
19. Elton John--"Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)"
20. Faith No More--"Midlife Crisis"
21. Filter--"Hey Man, Nice Shot"
22. Flaming Lips--"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1"
23. Foreigner--"Cold as Ice"
24. Golden Earring--"Radar Love"
25. HIM--"Killing Loneliness"
26. Huey Lewis and the News--"The Power of Love"
27. Hypernova--"Viva La Resistance"
28. Ida Maria--"Oh My God"
29. INXS--"Need You Tonight"
30. James Brown--"I Got You (I Feel Good)"
31. Jane’s Addiction--"Been Caught Stealing"
32. Jimi Hendrix--"Crosstown Traffic"
33. Joan Jett--"I Love Rock and Roll"
34. John Lennon--"Imagine"
35. Juanes--"Me Enamora"
36. Lynyrd Skynyrd--"Free Bird"
37. ManĂ¡--"Oye Mi Amor"
38. Marilyn Manson--"The Beautiful People"
39. Metric--"Combat Baby"
40. Night Ranger--"Sister Christian"
41. Ozzy Osbourne--" Crazy Train"
42. Paramore--"Misery Business"
43. Phish--"Llama"
44. Phoenix--"Lasso"
45. Poni Hoax--"Antibodies"
46. Pretty Girls Make Graves--"Something Bigger, Something Brighter"
47. Primus--"Jerry Was a Race Car Driver"
48. Queen-- "Bohemian Rhapsody"
49. Queens Of The Stone Age--"No One Knows"
50. Rammstein--"Du Hast"
51. Raveonettes--"Last Dance"
52. Rilo Kiley--"Portions of Foxes"
53. Riverboat Gamblers--"Don’t Bury Me… I’m Still Not Dead"
54. Roxette--"The Look"
55. Rush--TBD
56. Slipknot--"Before I Forget"
57. Smash Mouth--"Walkin’ on the Sun"
58. Spacehog--"In the Meantime"
59. Steve Miller Band--"Fly Like An Eagle"
60. Stone Temple Pilots--"Plush"
61. Swingin’ Utters--"This Bastard’s Life"
62. T.Rex--"20th Century Boy"
63. Tears for Fears--"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
64. Tegan and Sara--"The Con"
65. The Beach Boys--"Good Vibrations (Live)"
66. The Bronx--"False Alarm"
67. The Cure--"Just Like Heaven"
68. The Doors--"Break On Through"
69. The Muffs--"Outer Space"
70. The Police--"Don’t Stand So Close To Me"
71. The Ramones--"I Wanna Be Sedated"
72. The Smiths--"Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before"
73. The Sounds--"Living in America"
74. The Vines--"Get Free"
75. The White Stripes--"The Hardest Button to Button"
76. The Who--"I Can See For Miles"
77. Them Crooked Vultures--"Dead End Friends"
78. Tokio Hotel--"Humanoid"
79. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers--"I Need To Know"
80. War--"Low Rider"
81. Warren Zevon--"Werewolves Of London"
82. Whitesnake--"Here I Go Again"
83. Yes--"Roundabout"

Bare in mind this might not be accurate, but confirmed songs are on the list, and the disc is supposedly packed with 83 songs, these seem to fit in well with the new keyboard also. If you don't know what some of the songs are I'm sure you'll be traveling to you tube right about now, or to itunes even.

Rock band 3 as we already know is going to rock a "pro mode" that eventually teaches you how to play a real guitar, drums, and keyboard. (totally stoked) That was really all I wanted to share today, other than the fact that I have been applying for better paying jobs, working on mah jokes for stand up, ect....

OH! Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is coming out soon. here's a tease of that

Enjoy your day! Check out the cafepress and twitter, blah blah blah.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday! Lets talk video games and such.

Okay, so first off I must say that my friend that I met in Texas named Shelby Acosta was upset that I didn't mention her by name in yesterday's post... Well there ya go :D

I've been doing yard work all day so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet because I wanna get this stank off me (I smell like grass... Not bad, just not my smell)

Bioshock Infinte...

I really hate, and I mean HATE HATE HATE the bioshock games, an underwater city instantly loses my interest. So lets check this sky action going on! I'm all for the sky version of bioshock, it looks like America in the 1950's also has a fucked up creepy rapture idea. Pretty excited about this concept, to see how the US government will have changed slightly, what will the little sisters look like, ect. This should be out sometime in 2012

Next up is Monday Night Combat! I played the demo, and for the record I'll be buying this one. Its part of the "summer of XBLA" thing they're doing this year. It looks like a rip off of Team Fortress, I know that, but only in the character design. Game play is 3rd Person shooter, different classes, its all pretty sweet. I can't in my words justify why you should get it, but definately try the demo.

Few short things: New Madden game came out, as if I'll play it. Halo: Reach + Forge world = Win sauce. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's game needs to get to the XBL: Arcade like now.

That's all that I've got for ya today. Check the twitter and the cafepress as always.

The game!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


That vacation was totally what I needed to recharge the comedy juices, and I learned alot about the world while out there. SO NOW I'M BACK!

Lets dish. I auditioned for American Idol. Yeah, I know right? Me! The guy who sings about as well as that drunk girl on karaoke night that you're probably gonna try and get with because you think she's easy, but her friends who are way more sober than her, cock block you... Still following? Good!

The whole trip to Texas wasn't just about American idol, it was also about getting out of michigan, everybody around here is just so depressing alot of the time, I feel for ya... I really do Michigan... But you all try and cut each other's throats alot, and crush everyone's dreams... Step outside of the town and you'll see that nothing is like Belleville.

Anyway! I have renewed vigor, and energy unlike anything previously felt in my life, it feels amazing!!!

Now to business! I met some pretty cool people while down there waiting in line, and I ended up partying with them, singing and having fun in a hotel, and was introduced to a little something I'd like to call Four Loko!!! Its an energy drink/alcoholic beverage and let me say that for the record ITS THE MOST BRILLIANT ALCOHOLIC IDEA SINCE THE JAGER-BOMB!!!!

I don't typically support drinking excessively, its your own deal if you wanna get completely wasted, hell I like to sometimes myself. However I feel I must tell you to play it safe when drinking, I got a buzz from just drinking one, I wonder why people think I'm such an alcoholic.... Anyway!

I made some amazing friends, and did some amazing stuff, I got some new shirt ideas, new joke ideas, and a new outlook towards life. I'm through being lazy (as lazy as I have been anyway) I'm getting a new job ASAP, and putting my life in order so I can rock some voice acting and stand up as much as possible.

Lets talk movies before I go! A few things that might interest you if you haven't already seen them.

First and foremost... WTFuck??? I'm really not sure if I'm excited by this, or horrified at the prospect! But it looks like the Jackass boys are back for another round of trying to prove Bam is the worst person to his parents, and that Steve-o will do anything involving animals, and/or his anus.... I'll see it in theaters anyway x_x

Next up is a movie that's already out. I'm sure you would love to tell me how amazing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is... BUT YOU WON'T! Because I haven't seen it yet!!! >.< For those of you who don't know about Scott Pilgrim here's the simple.

It was a comic book/manga/whatever so this IS a comic book movie (deal with it) But the sweet side of that is that the comic was weird to the max (80s phrase lol) It has alot of pop culture references and video game kinda humor in it. Certainly worth checking out if your a nerd, and worth taking a peek at if your just an average joe as well.

Yeah... Lets just say this looks are stupid as Bubsy 3-D was. I'm just stoked that Christopher Lloyd is in the movie, mostly because I thought he died.

Anyway gang, I'm gonna go, gotta do my thing ya? (heh. Wakka from final fantasy x)

Maybe no Audio blog this week simply because its my parents vacation, so I'm going to be quiet lol. Still lots of fun stuff coming up. Talk to ya tomorrow!

Don't forget to check out the twitter and the cafepress!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Packed and ready to rock and roll.

I'm packed, almost completely, and I'm getting ready to rock and roll the state where everything is bigger. that shit hole (which is kinda awesome) Tumblr has a thing where I can make audio blogs by calling a phone number, so I'll probably do that too, but this blog is my first child, and my favorite.

You can check my facebook, and twitter, to see the most up to date ramblings I have while I'm gone as well.

I'm pretty excited about being on my xbox, I'd never used it until a couple of days ago when I couldn't find my iPod (i'm a tool and own an iPod, but so is everyone else) and I wanted to listen to music while I picked shit to take to texas, and I discovered this shit existed, and as far as things that aren't pandora radio go... I guess this is pretty sweet. If you haven't used it I suggest you check it out, its free (damn well better be) to sign up, and lord knows that sometimes you aren't playing video games on your video game console... The world has changed lol.

At least I don't update my fucking twitter on it.

Speaking of shit that is awesome on the 360 I'll talk games today why not? The new castlevania game is out and from somebody that has a personal hatred against these horrible fucking games let me tell you... Its pretty damn sweet.

You can play as several of the characters from the previous games in the series, it has 6 player co-op, and 6 huge levels to roam, as well as having a ton of items worth collecting, and a hard mode to unlock (as if these games weren't annoyingly difficult already), this might just be the game you want to download right now.

Lets talk a game that didn't get enough attention (and a game that my friend Ken just got recently.) Earthworm Jim HD. Its got Keyboard Cat as a villian in one of the extra levels, and 4 player co-op. also new levels, the hardest difficulty setting for the game is the original setting, and new levels, and new levels!

Anyone that liked Earthworm Jim in the past should want to buy this masterstroke of a game (heh... Stroke)
here's the link to the trailer

Now to tie this back into comedy AND keep the game theme of today, I have exciting news!

For those of you that don't know about it, just go watch it, its about a guy named neil that gets sucked into the legend of zelda (original NES zelda) and the hilarious things that happen afterwards. All of the series is genius, and well written. Check it here.

Well I guess that wraps it up gang... I'll find a way to entertain you while I'm gone. Thanks for always reading and listening, the few of you that do read this... It totally means alot to me.

Don't forget to check the twitter, and the cafepress. Stay classy, and You'll hear from me soon

Peace and the game,


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Created a Tumblr... What a betrayal.

I doubt that I'll leave you blogger, but I must say I totally have this tumblr account because It might be easier to rock shit via the phone. so I suppose while I'm gone I'll put the blog up there.

I dunno lol, its a slow day, I'm pretty bored, I've been tinkering around with audio software, mostly stuff with music.

I feel making my own music will help the whole idea of building a base of things that people can enjoy that I do. I dunno.

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. lol. I went there.

I'm gonna go eat some pineapple and make some eggs. I think I'm going to try and lessen my dose of crazy brain pills. it'll be cheaper and I won't feel like I'm slightly underwater compared to everybody else all the time.

Its all crazy right now, and the irony is that I'm sane lol. anyway I might make an audio for you guys tomorrow before I go just to say bye before I leave for awhile. and can't upload anything X_X

But here is also my tumblr account so you can check that too

As always go to and help a /b/rother out.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Single Greatest Youtube Premise I've Ever Seen.

This is my pal (I'm pretty sure he hates me) Mike O'Keefe.
(His facebook)

He's come up with what I like to call "an absolutely genius idea for a show" You should go to his youtube page and subscribe the hell out of him for when this takes off.


I feel I should mention (though I shan't mention why) that I'm going to texas... This is just something you must live with.... But more importantly I shall hopefully be recording something for ya'll while I'm gone mostly because I got my old school recorder and such. You'll just have to enjoy the bare minimum for awhile. and check out the pictures I post as I go on my facebook

and when I return I'll post "T3h T3xas r3cordings" (I think I'll actually call them that.)

I think since this is blogger, I can post blogs via my phone but I'm not 100% sure on that one. I'll have to check that.... That way I can always post mini updates to show where the fuck I am, and how the fuck I'm doing, in tandum with the facebook updates and tweets.

But regardless we've still got a few regular blogs to go through before I vanish for a week and a half!

Really quick! Remember those shirts I'm selling at

You should buy one.... OH HEY! Its another life lesson from your old pal Rob! Truth be told, bald is a bad idea too.

I thought this up one day when I realized girls shave everything they want into they're down stairs hair, I've seen: Hearts, and crowns, a skull (that one was impressive) But guys would look weird with a tuft of hair shaped like pac-man above their wang, you'd think it would be Ms. Pac-Man, but that bow is hard to get right with a razor.

As for things I found on craigs list this girl is crazy

Oh my, Craigs list... You're so funny. This chick had a "soulful embrace" with a guy that tucks his socks in? Wow...

Odd business. Its as always kinda a slow day, tomorrow I'll post the trailer for the yogi bear movie and that vampire movie I mentioned in the Audio yesterday. For now I'm off but I'll leave you with this.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Rob's Podcast Minutes #4 There's No Hope

Here We are! The newest podcast! Suck on that why don't you? Its got references to shit that I'll be doing tomorrow on the regular blog part so be excited why don't you, I'm adding mystery and suspense!!!

Links you might want to click, because they show that you support me.

See who's gonna be rocking the set at the ann arbor comedy showcase at