Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Created a Tumblr... What a betrayal.

I doubt that I'll leave you blogger, but I must say I totally have this tumblr account because It might be easier to rock shit via the phone. so I suppose while I'm gone I'll put the blog up there.

I dunno lol, its a slow day, I'm pretty bored, I've been tinkering around with audio software, mostly stuff with music.

I feel making my own music will help the whole idea of building a base of things that people can enjoy that I do. I dunno.

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. lol. I went there.

I'm gonna go eat some pineapple and make some eggs. I think I'm going to try and lessen my dose of crazy brain pills. it'll be cheaper and I won't feel like I'm slightly underwater compared to everybody else all the time.

Its all crazy right now, and the irony is that I'm sane lol. anyway I might make an audio for you guys tomorrow before I go just to say bye before I leave for awhile. and can't upload anything X_X

But here is also my tumblr account so you can check that too

As always go to and help a /b/rother out.


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