Thursday, August 5, 2010

Packed and ready to rock and roll.

I'm packed, almost completely, and I'm getting ready to rock and roll the state where everything is bigger. that shit hole (which is kinda awesome) Tumblr has a thing where I can make audio blogs by calling a phone number, so I'll probably do that too, but this blog is my first child, and my favorite.

You can check my facebook, and twitter, to see the most up to date ramblings I have while I'm gone as well.

I'm pretty excited about being on my xbox, I'd never used it until a couple of days ago when I couldn't find my iPod (i'm a tool and own an iPod, but so is everyone else) and I wanted to listen to music while I picked shit to take to texas, and I discovered this shit existed, and as far as things that aren't pandora radio go... I guess this is pretty sweet. If you haven't used it I suggest you check it out, its free (damn well better be) to sign up, and lord knows that sometimes you aren't playing video games on your video game console... The world has changed lol.

At least I don't update my fucking twitter on it.

Speaking of shit that is awesome on the 360 I'll talk games today why not? The new castlevania game is out and from somebody that has a personal hatred against these horrible fucking games let me tell you... Its pretty damn sweet.

You can play as several of the characters from the previous games in the series, it has 6 player co-op, and 6 huge levels to roam, as well as having a ton of items worth collecting, and a hard mode to unlock (as if these games weren't annoyingly difficult already), this might just be the game you want to download right now.

Lets talk a game that didn't get enough attention (and a game that my friend Ken just got recently.) Earthworm Jim HD. Its got Keyboard Cat as a villian in one of the extra levels, and 4 player co-op. also new levels, the hardest difficulty setting for the game is the original setting, and new levels, and new levels!

Anyone that liked Earthworm Jim in the past should want to buy this masterstroke of a game (heh... Stroke)
here's the link to the trailer

Now to tie this back into comedy AND keep the game theme of today, I have exciting news!

For those of you that don't know about it, just go watch it, its about a guy named neil that gets sucked into the legend of zelda (original NES zelda) and the hilarious things that happen afterwards. All of the series is genius, and well written. Check it here.

Well I guess that wraps it up gang... I'll find a way to entertain you while I'm gone. Thanks for always reading and listening, the few of you that do read this... It totally means alot to me.

Don't forget to check the twitter, and the cafepress. Stay classy, and You'll hear from me soon

Peace and the game,


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