Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nerd Gear I want.

Check this shit! its called the Bliptronic 5000!

Sweet damn it looks cool, its an 8-bit synthesizer!

and yes... Though I'm not the best at making music, I do want it hardcore. This would be awesome to make some nerd rap and stuff with.

Its at ThinkGeek.com for $49.99 if you wanna pick it up yourself. I think I'm gonna have to pick it up myself.

Next up on this list is also from ThinkGeek.com (surprise) ITS A SHIRT THAT HAS A FLIPPIN GUITAR IN IT!

The Electrionic Rock Guitar Shirt is kinda like a Paper Jamz but AS A SHIRT!!!! I checked it on youtube, the thing plays well, and sounds good, so if you can play guitar, but seriously hate lugging the damn thing around with you pick it up for $29.99

Well That's all I really found that interested me as of right now, I'll post more nerd shit later or tomorrow.


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