Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm so old republic, that my cane is a lightsaber... What?

First and foremost! STAR WARS!!!! (uncut)

Its totally awesome, and most nerds know about it already but its still fun to watch. For those of you that are less aware, its basically the entire star wars movie stiched together by fan made clips of it. Its pretty boss, groovy, and additional exclaimations of excitement.

Keeping in the star wars theme STAR WARS!!!!! The Force Unleashed 2 Mutha F^&@*!!!
Personally I'm not happy about this plot wise, but the gamer in me is all less than three on good star wars games.

Here's my problem sith heads. *SPOILER ALERT* If you can just clone a powerful ass jedi like starkiller, then WHY I ask you NAY! I DEMAND OF YOU! Did the Emperor feel the need to save young Anakin from death by retardation?

Did you see how many sith died in the prequels? Not to mention that Asaj Ventress just abandoned the whole deal.
Was it all just to get Anakin? Who he could clone as it turns out? WTFuck? Anyway I just suppose that he's probably not a clone, and blah blah blah.

This whole "Forced Unleashed" nonsense is no where near the first gaping hole of plot in star wars. *Cough Ahsoka Tano Cough*

So many fun things to mock star wars with that I can't even begin to end! But I totally will.

What can ya do?

Hope you enjoyed the star wars theme (Wait, aren't almost all my audio ones titled with a star wars reference?) Check out Wookiepedia for all your star wars info needs!

I'm hungry... Whatev's.

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  1. If the Timothy Zahn novels are canon, the clones were unstable. Therefore, preserving Anakin would have made sense for the long term.

  2. That is actually something I never would have considered... I'm pretty sure we can find out if they are canon fairly easily.

  3. Alas, that's a very complicated question. Apparently, the Zahn books are C-class canon. The games are are partly C-class, but also partly S-class and N-class canon, depending on which aspects are under consideration. For more information than you ever wanted, see

    So, the Emperor needs to preserve a truly outstanding force-user like Anakin rather than cloning him, but can clone pawns that he doesn't want sticking around to challenge him in the long run. (Perhaps like the video game guy. I don't know anything about it.)

    And, of course, since the Emperor is an evil SOB, he has to assume that any and all of his followers will eventually turn on him and try to take his place. That's why he couldn't create an army of cloned Jedi; they would be a threat.

    In any event, I'm glad I don't have to sort out continuity between 30+ years of film, tv shows, novels, comics, RPGs, video games, etc.