Sunday, August 15, 2010


That vacation was totally what I needed to recharge the comedy juices, and I learned alot about the world while out there. SO NOW I'M BACK!

Lets dish. I auditioned for American Idol. Yeah, I know right? Me! The guy who sings about as well as that drunk girl on karaoke night that you're probably gonna try and get with because you think she's easy, but her friends who are way more sober than her, cock block you... Still following? Good!

The whole trip to Texas wasn't just about American idol, it was also about getting out of michigan, everybody around here is just so depressing alot of the time, I feel for ya... I really do Michigan... But you all try and cut each other's throats alot, and crush everyone's dreams... Step outside of the town and you'll see that nothing is like Belleville.

Anyway! I have renewed vigor, and energy unlike anything previously felt in my life, it feels amazing!!!

Now to business! I met some pretty cool people while down there waiting in line, and I ended up partying with them, singing and having fun in a hotel, and was introduced to a little something I'd like to call Four Loko!!! Its an energy drink/alcoholic beverage and let me say that for the record ITS THE MOST BRILLIANT ALCOHOLIC IDEA SINCE THE JAGER-BOMB!!!!

I don't typically support drinking excessively, its your own deal if you wanna get completely wasted, hell I like to sometimes myself. However I feel I must tell you to play it safe when drinking, I got a buzz from just drinking one, I wonder why people think I'm such an alcoholic.... Anyway!

I made some amazing friends, and did some amazing stuff, I got some new shirt ideas, new joke ideas, and a new outlook towards life. I'm through being lazy (as lazy as I have been anyway) I'm getting a new job ASAP, and putting my life in order so I can rock some voice acting and stand up as much as possible.

Lets talk movies before I go! A few things that might interest you if you haven't already seen them.

First and foremost... WTFuck??? I'm really not sure if I'm excited by this, or horrified at the prospect! But it looks like the Jackass boys are back for another round of trying to prove Bam is the worst person to his parents, and that Steve-o will do anything involving animals, and/or his anus.... I'll see it in theaters anyway x_x

Next up is a movie that's already out. I'm sure you would love to tell me how amazing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is... BUT YOU WON'T! Because I haven't seen it yet!!! >.< For those of you who don't know about Scott Pilgrim here's the simple.

It was a comic book/manga/whatever so this IS a comic book movie (deal with it) But the sweet side of that is that the comic was weird to the max (80s phrase lol) It has alot of pop culture references and video game kinda humor in it. Certainly worth checking out if your a nerd, and worth taking a peek at if your just an average joe as well.

Yeah... Lets just say this looks are stupid as Bubsy 3-D was. I'm just stoked that Christopher Lloyd is in the movie, mostly because I thought he died.

Anyway gang, I'm gonna go, gotta do my thing ya? (heh. Wakka from final fantasy x)

Maybe no Audio blog this week simply because its my parents vacation, so I'm going to be quiet lol. Still lots of fun stuff coming up. Talk to ya tomorrow!

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