Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Single Greatest Youtube Premise I've Ever Seen.

This is my pal (I'm pretty sure he hates me) Mike O'Keefe.
(His facebook) http://www.facebook.com/mikeokeefesukkah?ref=ts

He's come up with what I like to call "an absolutely genius idea for a show" You should go to his youtube page and subscribe the hell out of him for when this takes off.


I feel I should mention (though I shan't mention why) that I'm going to texas... This is just something you must live with.... But more importantly I shall hopefully be recording something for ya'll while I'm gone mostly because I got my old school recorder and such. You'll just have to enjoy the bare minimum for awhile. and check out the pictures I post as I go on my facebook

and when I return I'll post "T3h T3xas r3cordings" (I think I'll actually call them that.)

I think since this is blogger, I can post blogs via my phone but I'm not 100% sure on that one. I'll have to check that.... That way I can always post mini updates to show where the fuck I am, and how the fuck I'm doing, in tandum with the facebook updates and tweets.

But regardless we've still got a few regular blogs to go through before I vanish for a week and a half!

Really quick! Remember those shirts I'm selling at http://www.cafepress.com/robsoddshoppe?

You should buy one.... OH HEY! Its another life lesson from your old pal Rob! Truth be told, bald is a bad idea too.

I thought this up one day when I realized girls shave everything they want into they're down stairs hair, I've seen: Hearts, and crowns, a skull (that one was impressive) But guys would look weird with a tuft of hair shaped like pac-man above their wang, you'd think it would be Ms. Pac-Man, but that bow is hard to get right with a razor.

As for things I found on craigs list this girl is crazy

Oh my, Craigs list... You're so funny. This chick had a "soulful embrace" with a guy that tucks his socks in? Wow...

Odd business. Its as always kinda a slow day, tomorrow I'll post the trailer for the yogi bear movie and that vampire movie I mentioned in the Audio yesterday. For now I'm off but I'll leave you with this.


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