Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret Orgins: Like I'm a super hero or something.

This isn't the normal kinda shit you hear from me, so listen with caution.

I'm being all open and honest, and blah. Dan Savage is to blame, or thank... whatever.

Here's a link to more inspiring tales. It gets better project

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Design

Hope you like it! Check that shit :O

Rob's Podcast Minutes #5 Something Referencing Empire Strikes Back.

Turns out it WAS the guy who runs the company! I'm still laughing about segways.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So much drinking you'd think I was in ireland.

The Enemy of my life... Totally beer.

I have self control around this stuff. However it totally helped out lately. Had friend issues and we had to drink until we could talk about it.... Well I had to drink or I wouldn't be comfortable talking about it. When I first started doing this blog I mentioned I had relationship troubles. This week was that whole issue finally coming to a close, and putting shit right.

So don't judge. its been a busy week. X_X And not busy in the I have something cool to show you kinda way sadly..... I just noticed there is blood on my hand... intense... 0.o

There are some cool things I have seen since last we were together (most of them are halo reach related... Yeah.)

First up I hope you like old halo maps, like Guardian (halo 3) Or  Damnnation (halo 2) because thanks to forge world people are totally making those maps again, and we really need to get some custom games going

The other two things that are halo related aren't found by me, but I have in the reach racer part at least noticed one of the two unlocks.

This is Reach Racer!

This is how to go to the club, and make people actually dance!

The Tribute Room

The Chief in is in reach too, but you can look that up yourself.

Have fun playing around nerds


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oops.... Missed a day.

So Halo Reach is mostly to blame for that. That and I went to watch Scott Pilgrim (again) WHICH IS WAS STILL AWESOME!!!

So. To the Video Game Reviews!
First up is DJ Hero 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its basically the exact same game with a few extra features that might make it worth picking up. Aside from the obvious inclusion of a whole new list of songs, there will also be the addition of a microphone. Its kinda fun to sing the mix of two songs at once, Alas you feel a bit silly sometimes. Anyway you can try the demo for youself and see. (Pending you have the DJ hero Turn-table of course or at least a microphone from GH or RB.)

Speaking of Hero games I do fear that Activision made a weird choice in the new Guitar Hero, simply by trying to include a plot.... Yeah... Also you can earn way more than 5 stars a song.... and your characters can turn into a "Warrior Form" with added benefits while playing the songs... I dunno. It all seems like a bit much for a damn Guitar Hero game. I do like most of the set list  Check it here I can't help but think that The guys over at Harmonix and who ever is behind that Rise of the six string game have it right by making an actual guitar playable in the new game it just seems like the next logical step is to get kids actually learning to play the guitar, not make pre existing characters into super heros. (Most Characters I might add, that Harmonix had originally created)

Finally.... We're to Halo Reach. Game of the Year? Almost certainly. Think about every thing that you loved about halo over the years, now take some of the interesting elements from modern warfare 2, and throw them in for good measure, make forge into a a giant world where you can literally make five different little maps on it or one HUGE map spanning the whole thing! Bungie threw everything into this game and you can bet over the next few years they'll continue to throw more in. Honestly 343 studios may as well disband, because its gonna be absurd to try and top this halo game. To see everything I can't even put into words Check out

Gasp. That wasn't much. but what can ya do? I'm drawing a few comics up, testing my scanner's ability to continue to do this. (for some reason it won't scan the whole page of the newest... well page. even though it all fits on the scanner screen)

What can ya do?

So while I'm working on that. You go play reach! (its epic.)

the game!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Okay other than this comic book like intro to chapter 1 existing, I'm super uber excited about HALO REACH! I may record some audio stuff while in line just to put it up here.

Who knows eh? There are a few fun things I found online this weekend but before I talk about that.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is fun. Though I didn't play it on my xbox... Which blew.

Right now you can download the demo for DJ Hero 2 and some new Guitar Hero warriors of rock demo or whatever. I dunno what is going on with that yet, but I'll let you know tomorrow.

I'll also have to talk about Reach tomorrow, so it'll probably be a video game review day tomorrow.

Anyway! The first thing I found was the SModimations.

They are just animated clips of the Kevin Smith Podcast... AND THEY ROCK!!!

Next is a new Garfunkel and Oates song! Which is hilarious!

Okay, other than the newgrounds video game version of that terrible movie the room (Check it here)

I can't really think of much nerd goings on. Oh yeah! My car is fixed :o

Anway that's all really.

see ya tomorrow!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cinnamon toast bunch a crunch.

Drawing a lame comic, So you can read that if you wanna. Its totally a work in progress, so hate all you want.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ninja Rouge with a +5 Dexterity.


Anyway. Life.... Right? Its one of those things where you get kicked around alot... Once and a while I have one of those moments where I get all eyes open on this world, and I realized today that (as lame as it must sound) You really can't give up on things... If you want to do it, don't give up.... Like this blog/occasional podcast thing I do. I want to do this. I make a point to update Mon-Thurs as much as possible, showing nerd stuff to those that wanna see it, I put those shirts out for cats that wanna buy them, and blah blah blah.

Even on busy days I post something whenever I can. :/ I throw something together real quick for ya'll, and I appreciate that you guys read! So enough blabber about how life is full of moments that knock you down, and its the getting back up part that's important.

Nerd Stuff!
GAMESGame Port 2 Co-Op Impressions

Game Hands On Impression, DUKE NUKEM FOREVER!!!!
Check it!

Lady Gaga stuff.

Mah Twitter!

Anyway Its time for me to transform and roll out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Woah! Red Vs. Blue got Hardcore this season.

Its another one of those damn busy days,  I'm sorry gang,  But to make up for it here is the newest red vs. blue and its one hell of an episode Also Here is the link to a ton of Halo: Reach Info so you can look it all up and see a bunch of sweet images

Halo Reach Info

Also do me a favor and buy some cafepress shirts :O Rob's Odd Shoppe
If you go do that I'll be able to be less busy X_X

Monday, September 6, 2010

In the mushroom kingdom oil in the gulf is mostly from blooper orgies.

I finally decided what kinda tattoo I'm getting. (though not where)

Other than the triforce I'm totally gonna rock the atari logo! Just look at it.
Its not the worst idea ever! Granted its not the best either... its better than 3DO's logo as a tat though... Anyway. I'm finally decided that I shall get the tattoo that I make jokes about as being the perfect tattoo. Which you will see if I get it, if not... Well I make jokes about it. So eventually you will hear about it.

Anyway, in interesting news, I bought the first two Scott Pilgrim books... And read them both in less than an hour. But whatever....

The only reason this is being posted today instead of me doing an audio is because I'm too flaberghasted to actually talk about anything except this.

That would be duke nukem forever.... OH SHI-
It apparently is going to come out next year... Lets hope eh?

2K games and Gearbox? This could be awesome...

here's actual game play from PAX 2010!

I'm gonna probably die before this comes out. which would suck.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fair warning.

I'm putting together what I think might be the catchiest 5 songs right now. Lemme know what ya think.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rob Manier Vs. The busy day!

This is funny. and all I'm posting today.

Sorry but I'm busy, enjoy your day ya'll!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whenever I look at the moon in the day, I think of the power rangers.

Sweet fug! (trying to throw out words that are new, and sweary sounding)

I haven't done a Robbism in awhile! As far as this thing goes.... Yeah.... It just looks silly,  Yeah I actually did it once, and its hilarious.

Actually looking back at the old pictures I forgot about those huge ass sideburns I used to have.... Hell thats weird. Also that was right when I first got my glasses... Damn time flies...

I almost feel like this blog is the most productive thing I do now a days lol. Granted I do alot of other things lately, but that's a comic book and joke writing, it doesn't have instant results, I like doing them, but they feel less productive then this. Which is very weird. Apparently today is all about me feeling like a wuss bag? F-That! LETS TALK NERD SHIT!

A Garfunkel and Oates song for you sassy assholes. That is about Lost. Its a fun mix of nerdy, and funny. My two favorite things ever!

Oh yeah. That's super awesome. You can check them out here
Garfunkel and you can buy there songs on iTunes, and Amazon, you know... Most conventional online music purchasing locations.... Shut up.

Hey Speaking of buying awesome things online! Why haven't you been checking out Rob's Odd Shoppe? You should do that! Because it helps me out, and stuff.

Something else you may enjoy that's kinda obscure (and kinda not to nerds) but I'm reaching for a wider audience for things I like is The Guild! Sure tons of folk know about it but you might as well check it out here. The Guild!

And just to tease you a little here's the cast in a music video!

You can ALSO buy that song on iTunes, and Amazon, its pretty damn sweet

God I LOVE nerd culture.

Anyway that's all for today kids, I got a page or two I wanna finish of that comic (there is no way this is going to be the final drawing lol, its more like a story board ya?)

Enjoy the nerd culture I've drenched you in. Planning to go to comic con this year. And Ren. Fest is next monday, so I'll upload pictures of that for tuesday. DIG IT SUCKA!

At the 3:15 mark of the song digital love is something you'll laugh at.