Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whenever I look at the moon in the day, I think of the power rangers.

Sweet fug! (trying to throw out words that are new, and sweary sounding)

I haven't done a Robbism in awhile! As far as this thing goes.... Yeah.... It just looks silly,  Yeah I actually did it once, and its hilarious.

Actually looking back at the old pictures I forgot about those huge ass sideburns I used to have.... Hell thats weird. Also that was right when I first got my glasses... Damn time flies...

I almost feel like this blog is the most productive thing I do now a days lol. Granted I do alot of other things lately, but that's a comic book and joke writing, it doesn't have instant results, I like doing them, but they feel less productive then this. Which is very weird. Apparently today is all about me feeling like a wuss bag? F-That! LETS TALK NERD SHIT!

A Garfunkel and Oates song for you sassy assholes. That is about Lost. Its a fun mix of nerdy, and funny. My two favorite things ever!

Oh yeah. That's super awesome. You can check them out here
Garfunkel and you can buy there songs on iTunes, and Amazon, you know... Most conventional online music purchasing locations.... Shut up.

Hey Speaking of buying awesome things online! Why haven't you been checking out Rob's Odd Shoppe? You should do that! Because it helps me out, and stuff.

Something else you may enjoy that's kinda obscure (and kinda not to nerds) but I'm reaching for a wider audience for things I like is The Guild! Sure tons of folk know about it but you might as well check it out here. The Guild!

And just to tease you a little here's the cast in a music video!

You can ALSO buy that song on iTunes, and Amazon, its pretty damn sweet

God I LOVE nerd culture.

Anyway that's all for today kids, I got a page or two I wanna finish of that comic (there is no way this is going to be the final drawing lol, its more like a story board ya?)

Enjoy the nerd culture I've drenched you in. Planning to go to comic con this year. And Ren. Fest is next monday, so I'll upload pictures of that for tuesday. DIG IT SUCKA!

At the 3:15 mark of the song digital love is something you'll laugh at.

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  1. Neologism fail. "Fug" is not only in the "Urban Dictionary", it's in Merriam-Webster's too.