Monday, September 6, 2010

In the mushroom kingdom oil in the gulf is mostly from blooper orgies.

I finally decided what kinda tattoo I'm getting. (though not where)

Other than the triforce I'm totally gonna rock the atari logo! Just look at it.
Its not the worst idea ever! Granted its not the best either... its better than 3DO's logo as a tat though... Anyway. I'm finally decided that I shall get the tattoo that I make jokes about as being the perfect tattoo. Which you will see if I get it, if not... Well I make jokes about it. So eventually you will hear about it.

Anyway, in interesting news, I bought the first two Scott Pilgrim books... And read them both in less than an hour. But whatever....

The only reason this is being posted today instead of me doing an audio is because I'm too flaberghasted to actually talk about anything except this.

That would be duke nukem forever.... OH SHI-
It apparently is going to come out next year... Lets hope eh?

2K games and Gearbox? This could be awesome...

here's actual game play from PAX 2010!

I'm gonna probably die before this comes out. which would suck.


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