Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So much drinking you'd think I was in ireland.

The Enemy of my life... Totally beer.

I have self control around this stuff. However it totally helped out lately. Had friend issues and we had to drink until we could talk about it.... Well I had to drink or I wouldn't be comfortable talking about it. When I first started doing this blog I mentioned I had relationship troubles. This week was that whole issue finally coming to a close, and putting shit right.

So don't judge. its been a busy week. X_X And not busy in the I have something cool to show you kinda way sadly..... I just noticed there is blood on my hand... intense... 0.o

There are some cool things I have seen since last we were together (most of them are halo reach related... Yeah.)

First up I hope you like old halo maps, like Guardian (halo 3) Or  Damnnation (halo 2) because thanks to forge world people are totally making those maps again, and we really need to get some custom games going

The other two things that are halo related aren't found by me, but I have in the reach racer part at least noticed one of the two unlocks.

This is Reach Racer!

This is how to go to the club, and make people actually dance!

The Tribute Room

The Chief in is in reach too, but you can look that up yourself.

Have fun playing around nerds


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