Monday, September 13, 2010


Okay other than this comic book like intro to chapter 1 existing, I'm super uber excited about HALO REACH! I may record some audio stuff while in line just to put it up here.

Who knows eh? There are a few fun things I found online this weekend but before I talk about that.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is fun. Though I didn't play it on my xbox... Which blew.

Right now you can download the demo for DJ Hero 2 and some new Guitar Hero warriors of rock demo or whatever. I dunno what is going on with that yet, but I'll let you know tomorrow.

I'll also have to talk about Reach tomorrow, so it'll probably be a video game review day tomorrow.

Anyway! The first thing I found was the SModimations.

They are just animated clips of the Kevin Smith Podcast... AND THEY ROCK!!!

Next is a new Garfunkel and Oates song! Which is hilarious!

Okay, other than the newgrounds video game version of that terrible movie the room (Check it here)

I can't really think of much nerd goings on. Oh yeah! My car is fixed :o

Anway that's all really.

see ya tomorrow!

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