Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oops.... Missed a day.

So Halo Reach is mostly to blame for that. That and I went to watch Scott Pilgrim (again) WHICH IS WAS STILL AWESOME!!!

So. To the Video Game Reviews!
First up is DJ Hero 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its basically the exact same game with a few extra features that might make it worth picking up. Aside from the obvious inclusion of a whole new list of songs, there will also be the addition of a microphone. Its kinda fun to sing the mix of two songs at once, Alas you feel a bit silly sometimes. Anyway you can try the demo for youself and see. (Pending you have the DJ hero Turn-table of course or at least a microphone from GH or RB.)

Speaking of Hero games I do fear that Activision made a weird choice in the new Guitar Hero, simply by trying to include a plot.... Yeah... Also you can earn way more than 5 stars a song.... and your characters can turn into a "Warrior Form" with added benefits while playing the songs... I dunno. It all seems like a bit much for a damn Guitar Hero game. I do like most of the set list  Check it here I can't help but think that The guys over at Harmonix and who ever is behind that Rise of the six string game have it right by making an actual guitar playable in the new game it just seems like the next logical step is to get kids actually learning to play the guitar, not make pre existing characters into super heros. (Most Characters I might add, that Harmonix had originally created)

Finally.... We're to Halo Reach. Game of the Year? Almost certainly. Think about every thing that you loved about halo over the years, now take some of the interesting elements from modern warfare 2, and throw them in for good measure, make forge into a a giant world where you can literally make five different little maps on it or one HUGE map spanning the whole thing! Bungie threw everything into this game and you can bet over the next few years they'll continue to throw more in. Honestly 343 studios may as well disband, because its gonna be absurd to try and top this halo game. To see everything I can't even put into words Check out

Gasp. That wasn't much. but what can ya do? I'm drawing a few comics up, testing my scanner's ability to continue to do this. (for some reason it won't scan the whole page of the newest... well page. even though it all fits on the scanner screen)

What can ya do?

So while I'm working on that. You go play reach! (its epic.)

the game!

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  1. Eh. I'll buy Halo: Reach when they reveal the code to turn it into Halo: Reacharound.