Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I made that ya'll! I dunno why I'm sharing, but maybe its because I'm self centered, (and its my blog)

CHECK IT! I spent 3 hours last night writing a plot outline for a comic, I'm not sure if I can make this thing via drawing but I'm totally gonna work on the script, I'm a nerd, and have been working on little comics and stuff since 2003, so expect nerd humour of the scott pilgrim vein.

Anywho! (I said humoUr?) I finally watched scott pilgrim! and I LOVED it. Every second of it was nerd heaven!!!!!! If you like nerdy things, then go for it! Make that magic happen, spend $8
dollars or whatever. I will just suggest that it is an awesome movie, and spoil nothing.... Take me at my word douche.

Ironicly one of my friends (who is a nerd) Saw naught but the trailer, and thinks the whole thing looks retarded...

Okay, enough comic book talk, lets get political! Apparently american people are starting to dislike their choice in Obama! Now what the frak is up with that? I remember alot of such talk about change, and being all supportive of him, and free health care, and the young people ALL VOTING!

So its kinda fudged up yo... Two reasons.

1. Dude, really... He's got 4 years, it hasn't been more than one yet... Why not give him some time? Stop expecting Obama to work wonder instantly. Believe it or not, alot of the stuff he promised takes alot of time to make it happen, meanwhile there are alot of, and I mean A LOT of escalating problems going on with the whole Iraq/Afghanistan war, and now Iran is trying to get into the mix... Give him a little slack.

2. Most of the people that I know that are complaining about him... VOTED FOR HIM!!!!! WTFUCK?! You lost your right to complain about the man, the instant you voted for him.

Hell most people only voted for him simply because they saw another old white republican, and then they panicked, then saw the young black (muslim?) man promising a shiny new economy and stuff of magic and wonder!!! Maybe you should have looked at the man a little more carefully.


Keeping in time with alot of the kids who voted for obama, and are now unhappy, the same people all firmly believe the world is going to end in 2012.

I don't know what to believe, but I do know that most people younger than me seem to not care about doing anything in there life simply because they think that the world is about to end so what's the point?

I have a point.... What if it doesn't? What if it doesn't end? Remember Y2K? Remember 1997 with the hale bop comet sucicide cult heaven's gate? People thought the end of the world was coming then too.

I'm just saying, maybe lets not put all our eggs in one end of the world basket, maybe lets try to get the GPA up, and head to college, and chase after our goals, and dreams.

Why would you not wanna chase your dreams and goals? Why just say "what's the point? The world is just gonna end anyway!" Get as much of what you want done before its too late then!!!!

Ugh. Very ranty today. Sorry ya'll.

The game


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