Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey hey hey!

What's up gang? Not much going on here today (at least at this point there isn't)

So instead of thinking up something unique and fun I've decided to put a family guy episode up!

(yes it IS one of the star wars ones.)

Something, Something, Something, Darkside!

Oh I kid! There are a few other things I wanna share.

Here's something interesting! A webcomic called Questionable Content! Its very funny, and addicting to read.

Questionable Content

Lets not even forget to mention The Adventures of Dr. McNinja! The tale of an irish ninja doctor, with a gorilla, a little mexican boy with a mustache, and a raptor named yoshi... Yes... Yoshi.

and asl long as I'm sharing nerdy content... Remember Newgrounds? That's still there.... Doing its "thang"

Well I'm off to work on a plot for a fight scene.

I'll post random crap later

Don't forget to check out Rob's Odd Shoppe

Enjoy this odd drawing of lady gaga I made.

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