Friday, January 28, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Warrior

Nightmare on elm street 4 I think, is where the series starts to lose its charm a bit.

Kristen's two friends that survived the previous movie make obviously rookie mistakes when dealing with Freddy and are subsequently killed instantly, and in horror tradition the black dude died first. I will give credit as always to Freddy's quirky humor.

So! Plot... Well lets just say its continuing the idea from the first one. Kristen is the last elm street kid, and her power to pull people into her dreams is transferred over to her crazy daydreaming friend, and Freddy uses her to spook other people into being pulled into the dreams so he can kill them. He gets his ass kicked when there is almost nobody left like usual.

The humor is top notch but you gotta assume that freddy has never messed with someone with a mental disorder, like O.C.D. or something that causes crazy shit to happen in the mind. someone who passes out on acid would probably be able to kick his ass with no trouble.

They obviously set it up for another sequel, and I'm sure I'll review that at one point, but for now I suppose its rating time.

I own it, but only because I'm a huge nerd. I'd suggest renting it, probably around halloween. Its good for a laugh.
3 out of 5 why not?

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