Monday, January 10, 2011

Black link?! Do you mean DARK link? #RacistGamer

SO this site (of the devil) called found an old blog I planned on starting but some how forgot about years ago (2005) and I wanted to share with you two of the posts I had. First up is  the very first post I made. ( I only made 3)

"Howdy," said the cowboy

but the clowns just kept eating the dead rabbit...

If your reading this blog then I am aready dead ... wait no I'm not... any way this is my new offical blog Hoo_ray and Huzza! I have another blog on My Space And my original which I retired and will be stealing jokes from constantly, But I digress. WELCOME TO THE SHOW FOLKS!!! IT'S SURE TO BE ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!!!

And just like that his blog, nay His Adventures began. He would overcome many a hardship and perhaps slay a dragon, I don't really know...

Don't drink the fire water........


Wow I haven't changed much. Now for the next one

Hello all you cute lil creatures... woah sorry I need to stop Robo-trippin any who whats up...I'm just sittin here converting videos to a different format so they will play on my psp but I digress....wait no I don't that is my actual point! Lately I've felt, well, that I've reached a peak a point where I shant ever get higher... and not just in one feild in everything I do. I feel like the next big adventure is not coming and with all the adventuring I've done, thats making life feel boring. Maybe I just need to find something new to hold my intrests perhaps start weeving baskets...or hunting for Nazi gold in the swiss alps. I don't know. Honestly I just don't, which is odd because normally I have at least a hunch, or a clue. but not this time. J've come to the door and forgot the key, and I've never done it before, so what do I do? Look for another door? Go back and find the key? Or find another way into the door? My life seems like a maze to the next challange and maybe, just maybe I should see this feeling of being lost as the next challenge in itself. Am I to find what I do and where I go in life, most certainly the Lord above and the elements he created will see to that, but I've asked God my questions and I am content with the answers (we all know its bad to question your creator) so I take my solice and journey the maze of destiny alone...for now anyway.

Wish me luck... -Rob

What a dick I was! ... Er... Well... I still am... But at least I admit it now HAHAHA.

Anway thought that was funny, I got a job (for now, I'm gonna keep lookin, because I doubt I'll like this one.) so the aud. blogs died almost instantly. But they'll probably be back up. Blah blah blah. Words. The end.


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