Wednesday, January 26, 2011


MacGruber was probably the oddest and greatest film I had seen in a long time.

I hadn't seen it until last night, which was amazing, and a surprise.

Plot! MacGruber is a retired agent, the BEST agent ever, he fakes his death when Dieter von Cunth (played by Val Kilmer, who was also batman at one point in time) kills the woman he loves.

Fast forward a few years, MacGruber comes out of retirement to stop Cunth from using a nuclear warhead, I don't think they say why he was using it other than to get money, but I bet its because he's upset that he's too fat to be batman anymore.

MacGruber SPRINGS into action, and gathers his greatest team known to man... He promptly, and accidentally kills them, He throws around the idea of sucking dick, and being fucked just so someone will help him, and shoves celery into places you don't often see it.

They fight alot of bad guys, and somehow bumble through killing everyone of them (traditional affair for this kinda movie

Full of absurd humor, crude humor, and a male pony tail, and mullet, there were a couple moments of fucked up comedy, and those are the best moments. everything about this movie is trying to be over the top. I'd recommend the fuck out of it for just that reason. 5/5

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