Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bland-O's! The cereal that tastes like nothing in perticular!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE MAKING A LEGO STAR WARS 3? Its based off the clone wars apparently... Bleh. Sounds like balls soup. (which is bad)

So what's up world? I'm listening to the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks as of currently. JEALOUZ?!?!

Anyway I hope your having a good day world at large, There are some new links to check out by the time you read this!

There are a few guests for the Pod-bert Rob-cast I'm going to get, so its not just my friends and such, but I'm sure that sounds boring to you.

OR does it?! Well no spoilers, but lets just say that these folk are comedy LEGENDS! (in the making)

As always I have video game related crap to talk about so lets get to it!

Halo Reach is still the best game on the 360 right now (Stop living in denial everybody else)

But more importantly Case West came out, I've played through it a bit, and let me say that while the game play doesn't change much, the new weapons, and the plot make up for this not just being part of the main game. It's quite fun, that is of course if you like Dead Rising.

Speaking of Zombies! There is a rumor floating around of an Evil dead 4 so more on that as I can get it.

But that brings us to spiderman (if you're not sure why then you aren't flying the nerd flag right.)

The new spiderman is shaping up to be as interesting to you and I, as the musical version is deadly to the cast

Andrew Garfield is going to rock a mad spiderman, plus he's fighting THE LIZARD!!! Which will rock! For those of you who don't know, this is a reboot of the series, so anything that happened in those previous 3 films is now null and void. But just so you can see a bit to get the hype going A YEAR early here's a pic of the costume.

Dude looks pissed

At any rate it's sure to be a great movie, at least better than that first attempt at the hulk X_X

Speaking of super heroes. Kick ass 2 might be made into a movie too, so far only issue 1 of the comic is out (which is driving me nuts) But I'm excited for the idea of the movie as well as excited for issue 2 to hurry the fuck up and come out!

Batman Beyond has a new series out as well if you are interested in old bruce wayne, you can go grab issue 1 of that and of Kick Ass 2 at your local comic book store! (which is probably a place I know, seeing as I don't really get much beyond my area reading this 0.o)

Anyway go check the links, enjoy the blog, tell your friends about this, blah, blah, blah.

Much love cats and kittens!


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