Monday, January 24, 2011



Johnny English (with the hilarous Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson) was surprisingly humorous after all there years, I'm not sure if its because of my enjoyment of british entertainment (who doesn't love spaced, or the office?) or if its because I was high while watching it, but it was quite delightfully amusing. To break it down for you. Johnny English is a low tier austin powers, though he seems oblivious to it, and really takes pride in his low level, he then is accidentally responsible for the death of every other agent, which thrusts us firmly into the plot!

English is supposed to guard the crown jewels, which for plot sake he does not do, and thus he quests to find them. His adventure leads him on a high speed chase, and along with help from his sidekick, breaks into a hospital, takes a muscle relaxing drug, does some of that funny british shit, and saves the day in an absurd, and barely tolerable way.

Its hard to not ruin the plot in these reviews, and make the movie seem interesting still. I expect I'll break of that habit and give these spoilers soon.

Overall its a great movie for people that like comedy, and/or are stoners. It might not be worth buying, but its worth a rent seeing as its getting a sequel I would imagine some of you might wanna check it out.

Anyway Wednesday I'll be reviewing another movie. Probably with more spoilers because it'll be a more well known movie.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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