Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's blog post

What is le up? (that's french for "what's up?")

First off! Check it out! My friend Jack is working on his stand up again, and that is just awesome.

This may be one of the funniest sets he's ever done, so soak it up, its awesome.

As far as me getting back into comedy, we're still working on fixing my car. which is at an update!!! I bought the part that I need to fix it. Its the power steering gear box, and for those of you like me and suck at cars it looks kinda like this.

Needless to say its involved with making the steering wheel turn without using the strength of ZEUS! Something as it turns out I DON'T HAVE!!!

Then I just need to patch the break line and I'm good to go, so I'll be able to rock the comedy scene again. BRINGING EVIL TO THOSE WHO LAUGH... WITH LAUGHTER...?? Yes.

I have a new audio already in the wings, waiting for next week, The only interesting thing I found to take a picture of yesterday was Tim Hortons and then I just got a dounut instead. (if you don't know Tim Hortons is there will be a link in the bottom to the wikipedia page, but one can assume they are a dounut shop)

OTHER RANDOM NEWS! I went to my myspace for the first time in months thanks to my friend Andy Beningo(Look at his comedy video why don't you?)

I found out that they have karaoke over there now so I might take up that cause just to william hung (dated reference) on my blog occasionally.

I suppose I'd better go earn some money now, you can help me with that by going to and buying something stupid that I made, I'm putting up shirts as finish them and like the design, so its every two weeks or so that a new one pops up.


Song of The Day: Men Without Hats- Safety Dance

Tim Hortons


BattleShip is now going to be a movie.... Za?

Those of us with Beiber Fever are really just feeling the fires of hell upon ourselves according to the Westboro Baptist Church

People are getting married anywhere now a days...

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