Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lets talk joke.

Last night I went to the excellent Joey's Comedy Club in Livonia Michigan, to watch my friend Jack perform. When the video of his set is up I'll post it here for you guys to all have a lol at.

New audio is going to be up later, but for now I'm going to run off and take a shit ton of pictures, maybe funny ones, and maybe Sexy ones (:o)

At any rate you can check those (whenever I post them) at the FB Page. http://www.facebook.com/redheadrob

Now for something I have a ton of at my FB to share The first in an on going series of words of wisdom, some of you don't know them so I'm putting them here too.

Robbisms... Otherwise known as "the random weird that goes through my head." If you haven't seen them... Good. Let them be a surprise as they flow at you throughout the recurring weeks. THIS BEAUTY is just the first of a series.

So Don't Fret.... Unless fretting is something that gets you off... Then go for it, but just not in front of the children.

Before I go I feel I should leave you with something more useful then my odd behavior

Here's news!

BP Replaces Their CEO

For some reason people just NOW are realizing that Stadium food is filthy.

CNN for some reason is talking about Halo: Reach

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  1. Nice Robbism. That's is why you have a blog and I don't. No one wants to read Anonymisms such as, "Life is hard. That's why it keeps fucking me."