Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas is coming up (I've been busy looking for a normal job, and blah blah blah, making music, getting people to agree to come and talk, and doing stand up, and writing jokes, and working on a comic I'm making, and Wow... I do alot for a guy who's "Unemployed.") I'm also working on trying to get some of that sexy free health care obama is dishing out (I might not exactly agree with it, but I'll take what I can get in this life, and give back when I can) So I regret that I let this fall behind on nerdy updates and audio ones.

So at the very least here's a dose of nerd.

Elder Scrolls V will use a whole new engine.

I refuse to play Black ops. Its modern warfare all over again, at least halo has some decency to make the game different enough to keep me interested, and deal with cheaters as cunts who piss me off.

Rock Band 3's pro mode controls are FUCKING INTENSE! and I love them. The songs are pretty good, and blah blah blah.

Fable 3 just sets shit up for the 4th one (though I didn't play alot of it, I just sorta skimmed through a few levels, then watched the ending) it controls enough like the last one so your not learning the ropes instantly, but gives enough growth to allow for a learning curve, and brings enough new challenges and elements in along the way to keep you busy and entertained.

Two new Dorito games are on XBL: Arcade (easy gamerscore raise) And last I checked, they were free can't beat that. Here's a youtube video about them.

You can vote on which is better, and then the game that wins earns the creators money and the chance to produce another game under Doritos, so go play, get some easy achievements and have some fun. Also... Vote.

Well kids that's all I've got time for today, working on a christmas episode for this podthing. Hope it goes well.


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