Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey fellows! Tis I. ROB! What's up son? Wanna go toss the ball around the back yard? Here's some life news!

I gave up le drinking (eventually I'll explain why, but for now... No)
I'm working on building a style of comedy for myself. Just bizarre thus far. Hoping it works out.
Obviously planning on getting back into the comedy.

Kenneth and I will be podcasting on monday, and my general idea is that if I can I'll try to get other people to switch around on the show as well: Local comics, and other friends that I find funny, ect. that kinda stuff.

in the mean time here's a link and some videos you'll like.

Keith and the Girl a Hilarious podcast these cats are win. Not for everybody, but if you like how I roll you might dig them.

Garfunkel and Oates video

Guy From NickelBack: Private Eye.

and Finally. BAT FIGHT! (I love this for some reason.. Will kicks ass)

Have a good day ya'll.

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