Saturday, January 29, 2011

When does it become an addiction to technology?

Is there to much social networking going on in your life? I think there probably is. Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Gaming, and listening to podcasts I feel like my life is dominated by technology, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing, but I think it needs some restraint. I'm legitimately starting to treat these blogs I run, (this one, and the song of the day one) seriously, hell I'm even working on guests for the pod-bert. (got one I gotta record tonight.) So with all this technology how do we know when to cut lose the cord. (and yes... I do still have a myspace.... But I don't go on it often)

I think personally I've been making a point to help make my situation better, I play video games less, which is fun because I actually enjoy them more (even if I do need a few warm up matches now to get back in the swing for it) I don't have a fancy new phone (still rocking an LG 8300) and I try to not go on facebook more than once or twice a day. I've been trying harder to really focus on doing these blogs, and doing stand up again. Its difficult. I won't lie to you. I want to waste time playing video games, goofing off, and not really doing much. I think I could be more efficent if I had just one blog, but what're ya gonna do? I could change the song of the day blog into the nerd blog., keep this account for the Pod-Bert Rob-Cast, and enjoy the shit out of it, but who knows? Actually that is probably what I'm gonna do, so you're probably reading this on the song of the day blog, which is now going to be Rob's Nerd Blog. and this will be an archive of oldness.

Seems sad, yet its not really retiring a blog as much as its bringing it to another level.

Anyway... I suppose the last thought the original Rob's Nerd Blog will have, and the first post for the merged experience of only having this and the pod-bert. Is that sometimes you have to move forward in life, regardless of anything else.

Welcome to the new experience.


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